Within Beauty in Me, Inc. we focus on various areas to help build a strong powerful young lady while emphasizng the importance of reaching their dreams, setting goals, positive public speaking, staying healthy and fit, proper etiquette, hygiene, abstinence, purity, and the benefits of giving back to those less fortunate.  We also partner girls with female mentors who share their own experiences in how they overcame their challenges to become the women they are today.   

During our Speaking with Confidence Program each young lady is inspired to speak positive affirmations pertaining to their life.  The affirmations the girls select encourages them to think positive and speak positively about their life. Speaking with confidence is a powerful program. This program encourages girls to overcome their fears.

Our Health and Nutrition Program is designed to inspire young girls to eat healthy and to stay physically fit.  Each young lady learns about a healthy diet and an exercise regimen.  They gain the experience of making healthy meals to eat on a daily basis and easy to do daily exercises that encourages them to look great on the inside and out.

Our Mental Fitness program is design to help young ladies realize they can do anything if they set their mind to it.  This program helps the girls feel better about themselves.  The impact of this class is amazing!  Healthy habits are adopted, inactive girls are encouraged to exercise daily.  Self-confidence and self-esteem soars, study habits and grades improve, attitudes towards healthy eating and exercise change, new friendships are built strong, and the girls have fun! 

Our Skin Care Program is exceptional. Each young lady learns the importance of taking care of their skin. They also learn about dry and oily skin and how to care for it.  This is a very helpful hands on program that each young lady has opportunity to participate. 

Through our Etiquette Program young ladies learn the importance of utilizing great manners while dining.  The ladies of Beauty in Me, Inc. learn the proper way to speak and that practicing good manners should be a way of life.  They also learn that social etiquette, table manners and personal style inspire self-confidence.

Our Community Outreach Program is designed for the ladies of Beauty in Me, Inc. to give back to those less fortunate.  The girls are an awesome inspiration to those in need.  We inspire young ladies to help others even though they are being helped themselves.  It is so rewarding to help others on your pursuit of being greater!  

Our Vision Empowerment Program is designed to inspire young ladies to live their dream.  Through a series of exercises young ladies discover the life they dream of living.  This is an exciting time of creating vision boards and posting the images of their dream life on a board. Young ladies are encouraged through this program to adopt daily affirmations that encourage them to reach their dream life.







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